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Why your business should be online?

Fast Facts

Internet users are shown to be active consumers with high disposable incomes

A Web site can help reduce location costs

Save money by reducing calls to your main office

More than 180 million people in North America and 600 million worldwide are online

You may wonder why you need a Web site when you've done well enough without one so far. Consider this; within a few km radius of your business there are thousands of people. Over half of them use the Internet every day. They use it to find out when you're open, see what's on your menu, take a look at your products, or even just to find out your phone number and location. It's like having your company brochure offered to the world around the clock. Still not sure you need a Web site?  

Web sites are now as necessary as the yellow pages.

With a world-wide target audience of 700 million people, you can't afford not to have at least your basic business information online. The benefit of a Web site over a phone directory ad is not only the reach potential but also the amount of information you can display. Imagine having a vivid Web site that clearly shows your locations, business hours, products and services and let's customers and prospects e-mail you at their convenience. Adding pictures, sound, even video to a small business site can have a big impact.

Setting up an online store is easier than ever

With many e-commerce tools that link to credit card processing systems, selling online is easy - even if you only take a few orders per month. But don't worry if the orders don't come rolling in right away. Research shows that today's consumers tend to browse online, and purchase in person. Your Web site should look like you're ready to sell. Online store creation software designed for all skill levels will get your products, services and pricing displayed online in no time.  (We, CE Webmasters have an E_Store website for Lincoln Line Orchards.  Take a look.)

Providing helpful information serves you and your customers best

In the online world, getting valuable customer feedback is fast and easy. Many small businesses thrive on feedback from online survey forms and instant e-mail responses. Online market research can tell you how interested customers are in a new product, before it's launched. You'll know what they think faster, easier and much less expensively than with any other market research method.

It's not what you know, but who you know

Making connections with customers, suppliers, partners and associates is what drives business.
Think of your Web site as a way of passing out your business card to thousands of potential clients and partners, inexpensively informing them about your business 24 hours a day. Not having a site is like announcing to the online world that you are closed. Don't give your competitors that extra edge, especially when getting online is so easy.

Example websites that we can show, is  West Lincoln Historical Society and Archives , which is the basic information site outside of the picture page, & www.lincolnlineorchards.com  which is our e-commerce example where people can order on-line & the supplier gets the order by e-mail immediately.   They are a medium extensive site in that these order forms must be carefully designed to function the way you want.  There can be a lot of behind the scenes coding to function well.  Take a look at these sites and give us a call if we can help your business.  

Then there is our site which now has approx. 40 pages but is a combination of an info site as well as an e-commerce site.  The problem with our industry, is that it changes everyday.  That is why we do not have a complete E-Commerce site as it would be too much work.  We try to make it easy to find what you want quickly, to make it easy to understand, & easy to buy from.   This would be a high maintenance type site & would cost more in updates.  Pricing is updated weekly as the prices change. 

Remember, we're here to serve Businesses, & Institutions in any way we can in the business computer world.  We've been doing this for 10 years now.


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