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There are 1,000 ways to take advantage of you in this business through buying and servicing a computer.  We want you to know what you are buying & to save you money in the long run.   The lowest priced new computer is probably going to cost you more in the long run due to trips to the store to return to get it fixed.  This is because of incompatibility of the parts & poor quality, and after warrantee service charges.  It will cost you a fortune in the long run.  What you want to do is look at the "Total Cost of Ownership."  Buying a computer is not like buying a TV.  Take time and educate yourself.  The following points are important to know.   Click on the point for more detail.

  • Define your needs
    • Is it for business, games, kids homework, the Internet, etc.?   All have different needs in designing the computer.  Make sure it is the right computer.
  • Look for listening staff
    • Once you define your needs, find some staff that will listen to you to meet your needs instead of letting them sell you what the company wants you to buy.  Because we don't have a store front,  we have more time to listen & meet your needs.
  • Check their service:  
    • Buying the computer is only the first step.  The service department is everything.  Can they answer your problems over the phone & save you having to take the computer in for everything?  Remember 80% of computer problems are user or software related problems.  Choose a company that can tell the difference & teach you where you are going wrong or why the software is messed up so that you can avoid it the next time.  How long will it take for you to get your computer back once you have sent it to a big store for repairs?   Do they ship it away?  Do they do in-house service for the busy businesses?   Do they actually have loaners for the companies that cannot do with out a computer?   Do they do emergency service?
  • Shop for more than price:  
    • Shop for lowest cost of ownership.  The cost of buying does not end at the initial price.  If it keeps breaking down, freezing, etc., as well as having problems with the software, then that costs you.  Businesses should buy from someone you can trust to offer you quality, and reliable computers, as well as strong service and support that's on hand for emergencies.  Name brand systems may cost you in the long run as they only have 1 yr. warranty compared to our 3 years.  They also use proprietary parts that you can only buy from them.  That's where they make their money.
  • Think ahead:  
    • Buy the computer for the needs of at least three years ahead.  If you're a new owner, give yourself some growing room, as the more you learn, the greater your needs will change.  Maybe this is just a replacement computer.  Now access your needs to see if you need to upgrade significantly; just buy the newest basic machine; or maybe a used or refurbished machine will be enough.
  • Do you own a computer now? 
    • The cost of computers are less then they used to be in that you can now buy an up to date system for not much more than some major upgrades.  If it costs 50% or more of the cost of a new system to upgrade, than it is better to buy the new one and get the new warranty.
  • What is the warranty?:  
    • Compare warranties for the same items.  You would be surprised at what companies are doing with this area.
  • Are refurbished, off lease, or used systems worth buying?   
    • You have to be careful buying used computers as they may be loaded with viruses or the operating system may be messed up & if they don't give you the license & the software that goes with that computer, it may cost you double to get it running right.  
    • The other problem with used systems from the stores, is they're usually name brand computers & half of the parts are proprietary (very expensive or not attainable.)  You also usually do not get the license software.  Again, as soon as the operating system needs to be redone because of viruses etc., it will cost you to buy the Windows license & to get the drivers.
  • Beware of stolen merchandise.  
    • Make sure you get all licenses and software that was purchased with your computer to make sure you do not have pirated software, which is illegal. If caught, you could lose all of your computer equipment as well as be fined.  Beware of buying from private sources (like the guy in the alley) because it could be stolen.  If the price sounds like it's too good to be true, it probably is.  It's risky unless you know the people.

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