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  • When you buy any new software, please read the requirements to run the software.  Notice the operating system needed, the amount of ram, & the amount of hard drive space & lastly but not least, the cpu speed.  

  •  Read about Operating Systems here. 

  • Lotus Suite 9 & XP

    • SmartSuite 9.0 seems to work fine with Windows XP. The only compatibility issues are the following: -a problem with Approach in printing cross tables cross-tab views won't work on an XP computer -Lotus 123 function -  Lines & Color, the box opens, but it fails to display the multiple color selection pallet. - Lotus Screen Cam may not work properly with Win XP

    • Answer came in from Don Smith from "The ARC of Dallas" with the following help for the second problem.  Thanks Don.

    • All you have to do is right click on the desktop, choose properties, Appearance, then EFFECTS, then DISABLE the first one: "Use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips." That fixed my 123V5 pulldown color chart problem immediately.  
  • Problems with Lotus SmartSuite & a new printer

    • This past week I've received some emails regarding a new printer not working with their Lotus SmartSuite.  Please click for the info regarding how to fix this problem.
  • Simply Accounting

    • The biggest problem we have seen in the last half a year, is with Simply Accounting.   When this software comes out each year, many people's system crash.  The problem; the program gets larger 
    • Installation Problems

      • File Error: Cannot find File CATOCNTR.DLL\CATO3CNT.DLL

        First try rebooting.  If it doesn't succeed, then try the following;

        • For Windows 95/98, Click "Start" - "Shutdown" - "Restart in MSDos mode."
        • Type "cd\"
        • Type cd ca_appsw, then press "enter."
        • If you run Win 9x, then type "copy *.* c:\progra~1\winsim" then press "enter."
        • Turn your computer off and then count to ten and then turn it on again to reboot right into Windows and then try to enter Simply again.
        • If this does not work, then call us because you have a bigger problem.

      • Illegal operation - when opening Simply:

        • This problem is often due to a conflict with your display adapter.  Sometimes, it may be a conflict with your HP Laserjet printer driver.

          All other problems, check with us to repair the problem or with Simply by going to  Note especially the Common Questions area as it is well documented.

  • All Wordperfects

    • Before installing any new WP, it seems to cause problems if you do not uninstall any former versions first.  Don't forget, the newest versions are backwards compatible.

  •  Sierra Products

    • Sierra program will not load.

      When you are loading the Sierra program, and it asks if you want to test the computer to see if the software will load, tell it not to run the test.

      Floating point errors

      Floating point errors in Print Artist usually occur on computers that do not have a printer installed. If this is the case with your computer than install a phantom printer via the Add A Printer icon in the Printers Folder. Go to Start, Settings, Printers. Double Click on the Add a Printer icon and follow the wizard choosing whatever printer you wish. If you do have a printer hooked up to your computer, you should probably reinstall your printer software, especially the printer driver.  

      This should remedy the Floating Point error.

      If this doesn't help then email me & I will try to get you an answer.


Hardware Software OS's Buying Tips


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