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Why your business should be online?

You may wonder why you need a Web site when you've done well enough without one so far. Consider this; within a few km radius of your business there are thousands of people. Over half of them use the Internet every day. They use it to find out when you're open, see what's on your menu, take a look at your products, or even just to find out your phone number and location. It's like having your company brochure offered to the world around the clock. Still not sure you need a Web site?  Read the (Full Article)

We design.

Itís what we love; we design websites, we are advertisers, we bring out the best in your brand.

How can we help you? We specialize in colourful, quick web design, basic e-commerce solutions, and custom applications. We also work in social marketing, and donít forget we are a full service agency. We host, we register, and we design work in print because our clients cannot just survive on the web. We offer complete solutions.

To check out some of our designed websites, here's a few;

Layout & Development

50% deposit required upon signup.

Layout-Theme (which is the hardest part to get worked out with the customer)

  • 1 Supplied Logo (Image file)
  • Background, appearances, layout &navigation & opening splash page.
  • Approximately $295.00 depending how well thought out your plan is or if we have to guide you through everything.
  • After the first design is completed, you are allowed 1 complete revision. Anymore changes will be extra.

Extra Pages

  • One page is a maximum of 2 full screens of information in 1024 x 768 mode, which includes the headers, footers, & either side bar.
  • Two images supplied by you.  
  • $75.00 each


This is where prices can vary & can cost more.

  • Every extra image that we have to scan in is $1.50
  • If we have to supply the image, if can be found quickly, $10.00/hr
  • Forms, other then the one free form for feedback, start at $50.00/form
  • Pages with simple databases $125.00
  • Any logos etc. that need to be designed, - depends on complexity etc.
  • Simple updates are $25.00 each page
  • Shopping cart design & Setup $200.00


Purchase a Domain Name

  • For a .com, .info, .net, .org, .domain - $25.00 CDN
  • For a .ca - $25.00 CDN
  • For others, we'll check the pricing & availability   

Web Hosting

WWW - Webspace, that will allow commercial use, will cost  $125.00/yr Can.


  • When you buy a domain name, it includes 1 free Email account such as sales@yourdomain. If you already have an email address, which is highly recommended for stability, we will send all email@yourdomain to that address.
  • Each additional email account is $45.00/yr Can.


Getting connected

  • We also will sell & set you up with any necessary equipment for receiving communications; sales &/or questions, if you do not have any computer equipment or you need to update your system etc. 
  • We also will get you hooked up to the Internet by either setting you up with an Internet Service Provider, or set your computer up correctly with your ISP.

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